past concerts

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08/26/2018: Arts in Nature Festival; GAMELAN PACIFICA performs at the 17th annual Arts in Nature Festival at Camp Long in West Seattle.

02/24/2018: Corridor Festival; performance by Gamelan Pacifica for the third annual multimedia CORRIDOR FESTIVAL

11/19/2017: Cornish Presents: Gamelan Pacifica with Ki Midiyanto and Heni Savitri: Vocal Music of Central Java

5/13/2017: Lou Harrison at 100 Years: The Seattle Connection, with Pacific Rims Percussion Orchestra, Heather Bentley, Jennifer Caine, Paul Taub, Bonnie Whiting, Maria Scherer Wilson, Chapel Performance Space, Seattle

12/03/2016: Cornish Presents: Gamelan Pacifica—Pangkur, with Megan O’Donoghue-Williams

04/22/2016: Back to the Source: Music from Central Java, with Heri Purwanto and Jessika Kenney, Chapel Performance Space, Seattle

11/01/2015: Cornish Presents: Gamelan Pacifica—Music for String Quartet and Gamelan

04/12/2015: Cornish Presents: Gamelan Pacifica—Nourishment

12/07/2014: Cornish Presents: American Gamelan, Past and Present, with guest composer Daniel Schmidt

05/29/2014: Gamelan Pacifica with Heri Purwanto and Jessika Kenney, Seattle Public Library

04/19/2014: Cornish Music Series: Gamelan Pacifica—Laras Madya, with Canzonetta, Heri Purwanto and Jessica Kenney

12/08/2013: Cornish Music Series: Gamelan Pacifica—Bach-Gamel, with Jessika Kenney, Linda Tsatsanis, Nathan Whittaker, Janet See and Byron Schenkman

05/05/2013: Cornish Music Series: Gamelan Pacifica—Suhridjan: Reverberations

04/07/2013: Cornish Music Series: Jessika Kenney and Friends, with Gamelan Pacifica

11/17/2012: Cornish Music Series: Gamelan Pacifica with Al. Suwardi

10/20/2012: Cerdas Foundation Presents: The Tale of Dewa Ruci, Wayang Kulit puppet theater with Gamelan Pacifica and Dalang Ki Midiyanto, Kane Hall, University of Washington, Seattle

05/12/2012: Cornish Music Series: Gamelan Pacifica with Ki Midiyanto

12/03/2011: Cornish Music Series: Gamelan Pacifica with Peni Chandra Rini

04/09/2011: Cornish Music Series: Gamelan Gadhon with Ki Midiyanto and Heri Purwanto

12/04/2010: Cornish Music Series: Gamelan Pacifica's Scenes from Cavafy, Music for Gamelan, CD release concert

04/24/2010: Cornish Music Series: Gamelan Pacifica with Rahayu Supanggah

09/25/2009: Gamelan Past Present Future: Jessika Kenney, Vocalist and Composer, with Gamelan Pacifica and Eyvind Kang, Chapel Performance Space, Seattle

12/05/2009: Cornish Music Series: Gamelan Pacifica with Jody Diamond

02/15/2008: Cornish Music Series: Gamelan Pacfica with Undang Sumarna

11/01/2008: Gamelan Past Present Future: New and Unusual Music for Gamelan, PONCHO Concert Hall, Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle

04/06-07/2007: Cornish Music Series: Gamelan Pacifica—Celebrating 25 Years of Gamelan in Seattle, with Sutrisno Hartana, Wayne Vitali, Chris Froh, Florian Conzetti, and Gamelan Padma Sari