Contemporary music for gamelan by composers Philip Glass, Jessika Kenney, Stephen Fandrich, Lou Harrison, Jarrad Powell, and Al. Suwardi.

Performed by Gamelan Pacifica, Jarrad Powell, artistic director.

With Jennifer Caine, violin; Sally Singer, cello; Jessika Kenney, voice; special guest, Hari Purwanto

Released in 2015 by Gamelan Pacifica and Blind Stone Records. 

Available from CD BabyiTunesAmazon, and in record stores.


Lou Harrison: Scenes from Cavafy

Contemporary music for gamelan by the great American composer Lou Harrison. This is the world-premiere recording of three major works in authoritative performances by Gamelan Pacifica, which had a long association with the composer, performing and giving the Northwest premieres of all his major works for gamelan.

Performed by Gamelan Pacifica, Jarrad Powell, artistic director

With John Duykers, voice; Adrienne Varner, piano; Jessika Kenney, voice; Gamelan Pacifica Chorus; Gamelan Pacifica, Jarrad Powell, artistic director

Released in 2010 by New World Records. Available from AmazoniTunes, and in record stores. Read liner notes here.



New music for extended gong/chime percussion orchestra.

Performed by Gamelan Pacifica, directed by Jarrad Powell

Includes works by John Cage, Jon Keliehor, Jeff Morris, and Jarrad Powell, plus two collaborative compositions by Signy Jakobsdottir, Jon Keliehor, Tom Fallat, and Jarrad Powell.

Released in 1994 by What Next? Recordings. Currently out of print. Downloads available from AmazonCD Baby, and iTunes. Reviews


Stonehouse Songs by Jarrad Powell

This release by composer Jarrad Powell is a record that defies categorization. With vocals by Jessika Kenney and some of Seattle's best instrumental performers including Eyvind Kang. Jessika Kenney (vocals, sruti box), Eyvind Kang (viola), Adam Diller (clarinet), Annie Lewandowski (accordion), Tom Swafford (vioin), Jarrad Powell (metharmonium, spoken voice), Stephen Fandrich (vocal)

Gamelan Instrumentation: Jesse Snyder (gender), Julija Gelazis (siter), Michelle Doiron (slenthem), Stephanie Helm (slenthem), Jarrad Powell (gambang & kendhang), Stephen Fandrich (ketuk & kenong), Stephen Parris (kempul & gong)

Released in 2007 by Present Sounds Recordings. Available from AmazonCD Baby, and iTunes.